Elena Tasseva

A tough-as-nails fixer, fallen from grace.


Elena Tasseva is a stocky woman of a firm, solid, muscular build. A once beautiful face is covered with numerous deforming scars, and the loss of one of her eyes has necessitated the eyepatch she wears across her right socket. Her entire right arm from the shoulder down is a cybernetic replacement, as is her left foot below the knee. Her entire bottom jaw, likewise, is a chrome replacement. Her clothing typically has a distinct anarcho-punk-meets-biker vibe, complete with DIY patches and pins in her vest and holes in black denim pants.


Elena Tasseva, also known as “Iron Lady,” is a fixer in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. Originally from the area, she left Detroit after amassing enough of wealth and reputation in order to move her operation to other cities and branch out. She earned a reputation for being a smooth operator in criminal circles: easy-going and generous with her allies, harsh and unforgiving with her enemies. Tasseva acquired contacts in Seattle, New York City, Atlanta, and other cities in North America, and would frequently bounce between cities in order to keep her operations running smoothly.

With her plate quite full, she was unable to devote enough attention to any one place, and rivals rose up to take advantage of her frequent absences to take from her what she’d earned. After a series of bitter betrayals that erased much of what she’d worked so hard for (and took from her many people she loved), she fled back to her hometown of Detroit, a place she loathed but was familiar with.

Never one to give up or back down in the face of adversity, Elena vowed to regain what she had lost, not only for personal redemption, but also to put herself in a position for revenge against those who wronged her.

Elena has one living relative, a headache of a nephew who lives in the Detroit underworld and uses the street name Goat.

Elena Tasseva

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