Stephan "Pitts" Laike

Con Man/Action Dad with a guilty conscience.


Age: 34
Gender: Male
Race: Human

  • Adaptability: Humans get an Edge of the player’s choice.

Rank: Novice
Total XP: 7
Money: 5000c

Occupation: Con Man

  • Bonus Credits: Smarts × 500(3000c) at each Advance.
  • Requisites: Notice d6+, Persuasion d6+
  • Perks: Gain +2 to local Streetwise checks dealing with local information — this occupation can lead to juicy gossip.

Agility: d6
Smarts: d6
Spirit: d10(d8)
Strength: d6
Vigor: d6

Charisma: +2
Pace: 6
Parry: 5
Toughness: 9(4)

Firewall: 4
Strain: 4/6
Street Cred: 2

Bennies: 3


Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
Character gets a +2 bonus to Charisma.


Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+
Command is the ability to give clear instructions to surrounding allies and enforce your hero’s will upon them. This makes your character’s compatriots more willing to fight on despite their wounds, and so adds +1 to their Spirit rolls to recover from being Shaken.


The character has a stronger moral fiber than most, and practically always tries to do the “right thing” and help those he knows. This could potentially lead him into being easily tricked by a false sob story.


Failing a Spirit check requires a Vigor check, and if he fails the latter too then he suffers a seizure. This results in him falling prone, -2 penalty to all actions and reduce Pace to 3. Duration of seizure is (15 – Spirit die) Rounds. Medication is available for 500 credits per dose (ie, Game Session). Can also buy cheaper medicine for 250, but this only provides a +1 to tests to resist the Shakes.


The character is indebted to [Elena Tasseva]. Refusing to help when asked costs Street Cred and a Benny.


Fighting(Agility) : d6
Intimidation(Spirit) : d8
Notice(Smarts) : d6
Persuasion(Spirit) : d8
Shooting(Agility) : d6
Stealth(Agility) : d6
Streetwise(Smarts) : d6
*Healing(Smarts) : d6

  • = Skill granted by KnowComp augment(s).


ED Underarmor
(+1 Armor, supplimental armor; covers torso, arms, and legs)

UP Balaclava
(+1 Armor, covers head)

RW Reinforced Leather Jacket
(+3 Armor; covers torso, arms)

Ravenlocke Jointlock Stun Gloves
(Shock; victim must make Vigor roll at -2 to resist being shaken, can be used with a mere touch(+2 to Fighting, no


Foley Arms Watchdog pistol
(2d8, AP 2, 12/24/48, Semi-Auto, 12 shots)

Ravenlocke P9D SMG
(2d6-1, AP 3, 12/24/48, 3RB, Auto, 100 shots)

WT BG-D4Y Shotgun
(1-3d6, 12/24/48, Semi-auto, 6 shots)

Crisis Team Responder Medkit
(+1 to Healing skill rolls)

2x cheap Shakes medicine

x26 Shotgun Shells
x50 Medium Caliber pistol bullets
x200 Low Caliber SMG bullets

Smartgun System (1 strain)

[Shooting wild die is d8.]

Knowcomp (1 strain)

[d6 in Healing skill.]

Biofeedback (2 strain)

[Increases Spirit die by one.]

/Other Stuff/

2pts for Command edge
1pt for 1 skill pt
1pt for +10k credits

+1500c payment
-200c on x20 shotgun shells
-250c on cheap Shakes medicine
+1500c payment
+2500c job payment/advance
-Advance (base Spirits d6 to d8)
-250 on cheap shakes medicine
-500 on UP Balaclava


1) Fixer [Elena Tasseva]
2) Smuggler/Getaway Driver [Eddie “Exhaust” Peterson]
3) Tight-lipped Cabbie [Enrique]
4) Strung-Out Dealer [“Goat”]


This Detroit-born dilettante came from the usual humble beginnings that most would expect to inherit from that city. While he was no stranger to breaking the law, after a while he started to question whether or not the “thug life” had much of a future to it. When he decided to distance himself from crime and go legit, he constantly found himself being overlooked by those who had some artificially granted gift, such as genefixing or cybernetic augmentations. While his natural quick wit allowed him to bullshit his way into almost any job, eventually he started to theorize that him constantly being denied any chance of rising from his station was a fault of the city more than anything else, and left for greener pastures in 2080.

Turns out he was only half-correct about Detroit holding him back, because while he found much better jobs while on the road, they never truely amounted to much. Eventually, while working in another town as a corporate security guard, he managed to get equipped with some basic augments to help him “keep the peace”. However, after a while he managed to come down with the Shakes due to the shoddy quality of his cyberware. While the company was willing to replace the augments with better quality ones, Pitts felt this was the last straw and decided that if he was going to be little more than a disposable pawn, the very least he could do was get better pay for his hard work.

With any dreams of going legit firmly dead, he re-entered the criminal underworld of the eastern coast as a con artist and thief, with occasional jobs involving armed robbery. Despite struggling to keep his Shakes managable, he was making enough money to afford the augmentations needed to stay “competative” in his fields. After the confusion of the second was handled by 2080, he headed west. While working a few sidejobs in Pittsburgh in late ’87, he was caught trying to slip into the back of a small-time jewelry store with a stolen keycard at late night; not by police or local security, but by a nine year old girl who was out panhandling. Much to Pitts surpise, the girl actually warned him that security was starting to head back to him. Her insistance afterward that she get 500 credits for keeping his ass from getting caught was less of a suprise.

Later on he got to know his one-time savior. The girl was Dana Maddocks, 9 years old(at the time), off-the-grid child currently living on the streets and on her own, trying to get by while avoiding anybody that looked like a serial killer, genefreak mutant, or worse; somehow a small-time thief didn’t seem all that threatening at the time. When questioned about her parents or any other kind of guardian, she avoided answering the question fully, though she at least admitted that lack of parents was a relatively recent occasion that started about a year ago, though she’s been on the streets for at least two years.

Even now Pitts is still not sure why he let the girl come with him when he decided to leave the city that got him his nickname. It was none of his business to mind for her, and she seemed to do fine enough on her own; pretty spectacular for a mere 9-year-old in the modern world, in fact. Perhaps she reminded him of the times before he took matters in his own hand and turned to freelance crime, someone with no chance of really getting ahead because they had nothing special to their name. He’s not so sure himself, all he does know is that he feels obligated to help the kid out; although working the shadows rarely earns one friendly neighbors nor a right to trust others, and he’s reluctant to tell just anybody about his adopted daughter unless necessary; though it’s only enevitable that somebody will see them together eventually, rarely does anything not get seen at least once in these days.

As of 2090, Pitts has been driven away from the east coast and headed back to Detroit. Recently he’s been getting calls from Elena Tasseva these days, who now wants to call in a favor or two. While he’s not entirely happy with the idea of having to drag Dana with him back to that town, he’s hardly the type to deny a friend in need; especially one that does pay. Still, he’s once again down on his luck and short on money, and he’s not so sure his old hometown has gotten any friendlier…

Stephan "Pitts" Laike

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