Desperation. Crime. Philosophy. Deathstyle.


The year is 2085. The Great Lakes Union is falling apart. Corporations are moving in, making their play for superiority. Detroit, an urban landscape full of blight and desperation, is Ground Zero for the Union’s economic and political reemergence. Power brokers are asserting control. New masters pull the strings. Citizens who’ve been forced to make their way without any help are suddenly finding themselves up against institutions and forces beyond their ability to fight. While Detroit’s new Masters want to take the city into a neon-light and chrome future, there are groups with a vested interest in keeping it in the shadows of its own unfulfilled potential.

Do you sell out for the easy existence of a corpsucker? Or do you do what everyone else does: fucking fight for every goddamn bit of life you can get?

Welcome to Detroit.

Interface Zero: Detroit uses the Savage Worlds rule set by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, and the Interface Zero 2.0 setting by Gun Metal Games. It takes place in 2085, roughly half a decade before the stated canon of the IZ2.0 rule book. While some liberties are taken with the timeline and canon in order to make for an interesting campaign, we are staying true to the overall plot and feel of the setting.

This is a gritty, pink-mohawk campaign with liberal applications of black humor to “lighten” the mood.

Players are encouraged to collaborate with the GM on world-building. The wiki is open to all for submissions and editing (though the GM reserves the right to make edits for spelling, grammar, format, and overall setting cohesiveness.) The GM’s rule in this: whatever you build, he can do whatever he wants to with it. He will not contradict what you write, but whatever isn’t explicitly stated gives him ample room to elaborate.

Interface Zero Detroit

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