Johnny "Too Badd" Medearis

The fightinest, fuckinest, meanest drug addict this side of 8 Mile.


Age: 32
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 158lbs
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Rank: Novice
Current XP: 3
Total XP: 3
Money: 1500
Lifestyle: Poor (1,000/session)

Occupation: Bartender
Bonus Credits: 1,000 plus (1d4 × 100) in tips each Advance.
Perks: Bartenders can make a Streetwise roll before each session to see if they know some juicy gossip. If successful, they get either 500 credits or a +1 to a single Trait roll.

/Traits/ – 0/6

Agility: d8 (2 pts)
Smarts: d6 (1 pts)
Spirit: d4
Strength: d6 (1 pts)
Vigor: d8 (2 pts)

Charisma: -2
Pace: 12 yards
Parry: 6
Toughness: 8(2)

Firewall: 4
Strain: 4
Street Cred: 2
Bennies: 3

Extra Vigor point comes from leftover from Hindrances.

/Edges/ – 2 pts, 1 free

Arcane Background (Psionics)
Johnny is a zeek

Characters normally suffer a –2 penalty when performing physical tasks with the off-hand (characters are assumed to be right-handed). With this Edge, your warrior ignores the –2 penalty for using his off-hand.

/Hindrances/ – 4pts

Habit – Afterburn Addiction (MAJOR)
Johnny must get his fix every 24 hours or make a Vigor roll to avoid Fatigue.

Mean (Minor)
Suffers -2 penalty to Charisma

Vengeful (Minor)
Roleplayed effects. Johnny is vengeful, to go along with his mean streak.

Code of Honor (Minor)
Johnny is viciously loyal to the streets he grew up on. He believes in a code among crooks, in some way or another, and believes he has a duty to his neighbourhood, and the other career criminals in it. While not a fan of gangers (he likes to think of himself as a professional rather than a low rent thug), he refuses to associate with the cops, and would die before dropping a dime on somebody.

Bad Reputation (MAJOR)
Johnny has a reputation with the local authorities. Many know his MO, but with his involvement being difficult to prove, any heat tends to remain in interrogation rooms.

/Psionic Powers/ – 3

Teleport – 3PP+
When Johnny teleports, his physical form bursts from the world in a smoky aetherial ‘splash’, almost as if the molecules making up his body has disconnected and exploded out into the air around him.
20 yds per 3PP, 30 yds with a raise. This counts as his movement for the round. Adjacent opponents do not get a free attack against the teleporting character.

Deflection – 2PP
Johnny’s deflection power is an extension of his ability to teleport. Instead of focusing on jumping to another location in space, he can instead just decombine his physical particles, as if he is about to teleport, though incompletely. This makes him difficult to hit, and very easy to misjudge his location in the shady blur his body becomes.
With a standard success, attackers must subtract 2 from any Fighting, Shooting, or other attack rolls directed at the user. A raise increases the penalty to –4. This also acts as Armor against area effect weapons.

Armor – 2PP
Johnny has latent telekinetic abilities, which manifest as his armor. Upon being attacked, he can throw his hands up to generate a telekinetic barrier, only barely visible in the warping of the air around the impacts upon it.
Success grants the recipient 2 points of Armor. A raise grants 4 points of Armor.

/Skills/ – 0/15pts

Fighting (Agility) – d8
Shooting (Agility) – d4
Psionics (Smarts) – d6
Notice (Smarts) – d6
Streetwise (Smarts) – d6
Taunt (Smarts) – d4
Knowledge, Drug Culture (Smarts) – d4
Athletics (Agility) – d6
Stealth (Agility) – d4

/Equipment/ – 01,000/09,000

Afterburn (4 doses) – 1000
Effect: Boosts the character’s die for Agility-related skills by one step for each dose taken to a maximum of d12+3. The Swimming, Lockpicking and Stealth skills are not increased when taking this drug. Additionally, the character gains a +1 bonus to opposed Notice rolls when opponents are sneaking up on the character. This bonus raises by +1 for each dose taken, to a maximum of +4. Finally, characters under the influence of Afterburn ignore penalties for a level of Fatigue equal to the number of doses they take. So taking 2 doses of Afterburn would allow the character to ignore two levels of Fatigue.
Side Effect: Character suffers a −2 penalty to Smarts rolls when resisting Taunts, and a +1 bonus to Spirit rolls when resisting Intimidation.

UP Balaklava – 500
+1 Armor, covers head

ED Combat Vest – 3000
+2 Armor, covers torso

Diansheng Industries “Piyin” Communicator – 1000
−4 to Notice rolls to spot visually, 100yd range

BKI Shotfist – 1750
Range 2/4/8; Damage 1–3d6; 1 action to reload, usable in melee. Melee Damage Str+d4.

Shotgun Ammunition (20) – 200

Backpack – 500

Flask (filled with cheap bourbon) – 50

/Augmentations/ – 0/11,000

Fight or Flight System – (Streetware, Strain 2)
Grants the Quick Edge

Night Vision Optics – (Gutterware, Strain 1)
Grants Low Light Vision ability

night vision optics is from starting cash, not starting augment cash

/Other Stuff/

Estevan Le Vicelord
Johnnys coke dealer. Associated with Mexican cartels, he has ties going a good ways up, and their relationship is very friendly, but primarily business. He frequents Snake Bar.


“Johnny Too Badd” is the nomme de guerre of one Johnathan Medearis. Johnny’s a Detroit lifer, born in the worst parts of his city, and almost certainly destined to die there. The son of a career criminal, like his father before him, Johnny learned the code of the streets young.

His teenage years were spent with Stephan Laike and a few other friends distinctly on the wrong side of the law. When Laike moved away, Johnny took it as an affront to his sense of loyalty, and what he perceives to be a code of honour default to his neighbourhood and the career criminals they all worked with. His “career” after the fact involved a lot of time spent in and out of the system, 2 days for a liquor store here, a week for a home invasion there. John’s racked up an impressive amount of years in the VR pen, never on any high profile crimes, but it’s hardened him psychologically.

As a youth, he discovered his psionic powers by accident, in a fistfight with some gangers. Reigning in control of the ability, and learning more about it was a big progression for Johnny-boy. The downside being, it’s made his MO easy to detect by the cops briefed on his existence, albeit much more difficult to prove. It’s not as if you can sit him in front of a judge and jury and force him to prove he’s able to do it. He’s well aware of this fact, and is usually more than happy to spitefully rub it into a copsucker’s face. John is a common fixture in questioning over local crimes, though he’s become much more professional as he ages, the 5-0 still come knocking every now and again.

His nickname, “Too Badd” came later in his career, in his late twenties. As he developed a growing sense of professionalism, it started to become more difficult for the cops to pin him down, and he knew it. The story goes, one day Johnny got picked up for a B&E, or a Z&E rather, considering his ability. He has the nerve to stop the officer in his tracks with, “It’s too bad, I was just about to tell your wife you said hello. It’s also too bad I want a lawyer.” Needless to say, they couldn’t prosecute or the story’d be told a little differently. Word hit the streets, the story stuck, and Johnny Too Badd was born.

Johnny is a tall, gaunt, pale man. Covered up to his neck in tattoos, mostly of the modern nano variety, but some traditional needle and ink pieces adorn his slim frame, most noteably on his hands, and the word “GOON” tattooed under his left eye. His shoulder length brown hair is a thick and oily, often tied back in a tight ponytail, and he wears a thick dark brown beard and moustache to go with it. His standard ‘street uniform’ is a pair of snug fitting black jeans, black combat boots, and a navy blue bulletproof vest which he doesn’t even attempt to cover except with a denim vest, featuring a large backpatch with an upside-down cross on it if the weather is appropriate.

Johnny "Too Badd" Medearis

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