DPS-GE 14632 "Monami Frost"

Former teacher-bioroid gone info broker.


Age: 26
Height: 5’6
Weight: 119lbs
Gender: Female
Race: Biodroid

Rank: Novice
Current XP: 3
Total XP: 3
Money: 4200
Lifestyle: Modest (2,500/session)

Occupation: Info Broker
Bonus Credits: 7,000 each Advance.
Perks: Information Brokers start the game with an extra 5,000 credits.

/Traits/ – 5/5

Agility: d6
Smarts: d12*
Spirit: d6
Strength: d4
Vigor: d6
*Smarts starts at d6 with bioroid. Upgraded to d12 with points and Enhanced Neural Net.

Charisma: -3
Pace: 12 yards
Parry: 5
Toughness: 5

Strain: 5
Street Cred: 2
Bennies: 3

/Edges/ – 4pts

Your Neural Toughness is increased by +1. Also, each time you successfully hack into a

Corporate, Government, or Military Access Network, make a Smarts roll. If the roll is

successful, you download 1d10 × 1,000 credits worth of information you can sell on the

black market.

Alternate Identity
Monami Frost – A privately operating data fence living in the slums of Detroit.

/Hindrances/ – 4pts

Secret (MAJOR) – 2pts
Detroit Public Schools – General Educator 14632 used to work for the public school system and stumbled across some secrets in her G-net travels that didn’t need knowing. She escaped their attempt to recycle her, and is living a life under the assumed identity of Monami Frost. Should her location get into the right hands, her life will certainly become much more complicated.

Cautious (Minor) – 1pts
Some folks gather too much intelligence. This character personifies over-cautiousness. She never makes rash decisions and likes to plot things out in detail long before any action is taken.

Debt (Minor) – 1 pts
As a Minor Hindrance, the character may make a single purchase of up to 15,000 credits, but must add 500 credits to her cost of living. Should she fail to make her payment, she must make it up the next session by paying double.

Habit (Minor)
Monami has an addiction to the Global DataNet. 1 Charisma.

/Skills/ – 15/15pts

Knowledge (Programming) – d8*
Hacking (Smarts) – d10
Notice (Smarts) – d4
Stealth (Agility) – d4
Knowledge (Teaching) – d4
Fighting (Agility) – d4
Investigation (Smarts) d8
Streetwise (Smarts) d8

*Bioroids begin with a free d6 in one skill, representing their core operating system.

/Equipment/ – 850/15,000

SOFTWARE – 12,800
Detailed below.

RS Jointlock Stun Gloves – 250
Non-lethal, Shock. Requires a battery.

SO Dragonfly Tessen (Fan) – 100
Str+d4, +1 Parry; Doubles as defensive weapon and thrown weapon (Range 4/8/16).

RW Reinforced Biker Jacket – 1000
Armor +3. Covers torso, arms; M3 Impact System.

/TAP/ – 22,800

Firewall: 6
AMS: 4
Neural Toughness: 6
Range: 72 yards
Smarts x3 Upgrade – 10,000

Installed Engrams:
Nonlethal Damage (1d4 + spec) – 1 AMS – 10,000
T-APP Babylon – 1 AMS – 1,000
Firewall G-Net Security – 1AMS – 1,200/Advance
T-APP Caduceus – 1 AMS – 500/month
T-APP NewsLink – 1AMS – 100/month

*Debt hindrance: may make one purchase up to 15,000 credits.

/Augmentations/ – 7,000/10,000

Data Carrier – (Streetware, Strain 1)
Implanted and secured non-wireless hard disk.

Enhanced Neural Net – (Gutterware, Strain 2)
Raises Smarts die one type.

/Other Stuff/


DPS-GE 14632 (Detroit Public Schools – General Education unit) is a government issued educator for the city of Detroit. She became a little too curious about some information she was not only not supposed to know, but no one else is either. Orders from on high came down to her employers that she was to be recycled, the intention to kill her because she knows a little more than she’s supposed to. She’s found her life relatively comfortable and enjoys her job and is good at digging deeper into information she has been given, and sees this as possibly a new challenge of taking on something a little bigger than herself.

For once, she can be in charge of her own life and her money. She escapes and goes into hiding from the government, where she now resides in the part of Detroit where no one bothers to check. To keep a steady income available, she becomes an information broker to underground, organized criminals. She has an addiction to The GodNet.

She gets called in one day to be “laid off” and they intend to just kill her and replace her, manages to escape, and off she goes to a bad neighbourhood where nobody cares who she is, or would bother looking for her, and fencing data for a day job.


This is a short-ish, slim girl. Her hair is kept in a symmetrical, sharp, black bob with untrimmed bangs, a little too long for her to see. On the lower back of her neck, just below a t-shirt line, a small barcode with text underneath: DPSGE14632. Because she no longer sees much of sunlight, her skin has become a slight off-shade of green, but only noticeable to her. She wears tattered, black jeans and worn basic t-shirts, simple, cheap clothing. Nothing too flashy. Her boots reach her knees and are tied with shoe laces that do not match from random fabrics. Her outerwear includes a well-worn black, leather jacket. She has two cheek piercings to distract from being bioroid and give her a more humanistic appearance. Her right arm, is completely covered in blackwork tattoos with geometric scarification. Her left forearm and elbow are covered with burn scars. For the most part, she has a hard-looking exterior, and carries herself with a confidence emblematic of a tough woman, or one trying her hardest to look that way.

DPS-GE 14632 "Monami Frost"

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