Highland Park

Highland Park is the single largest street gang in Detroit, with territory spread all over the Metroplex.

Highland Park took its name from the eponymous former city, which formerly existed within Detroit near what is known as the North End, just south of the infamous 8 Mile Road. During Detroit’s decline, Highland Park became overrun with numerous small gangs, each fiercely competing for the turf within the city’s limits. However, they were known to unify and savagely defend against gang encroachment from Greater Detroit.

When the CEC began their investment and rebuilding project in Detroit, the first phase of their construction efforts were focused on the “Central Corridor,” that is, beginning at the Detroit River side of Downtown and working their way to the northwest, through the middle of the city. Downtown was rebuilt, then Midtown. Ghettos and urban blight were demolished and gentrified, and residents of these areas were forcibly relocated to areas not currently in the development phase.

When the construction crews finally arrived to Highland Park, the local gangs once again banded together, and they began to assault the workers, resulting in several fatalities. The CEC responded fiercely, and they ordered a newly-equipped and outfitted Detroit Police Force in to quell the uprising. The violence escalated quickly, as the gangs brought their entire arsenal to drive back the DPF, who responded with riot cops, SWAT teams, air support, and even Golemmechs. This resulted in a bloody four-day conflict known in national headlines as the Battle of Highland Park. The Battle took place within Highland Park’s three square miles, and was block-to-block, door-to-door urban combat, and news outlets were flooded with video of gun battles in the streets and the dead lined up on sidewalks.

Eventually Highland Park was pacified, and the city demolished to make way for further gentrification. The former residents who fled never forgot the atrocities perpetrated by the CEC and the DPF, however. The gang members driven from Highland Park unified once and for all, naming themselves in honor of the city they had lost, and vowed revenge on those who had driven them from their rightful home.

The diaspora of the original Highland Park crew resulted in “cells” of activity becoming transplanted all over the Detroit Metroplex, though with a majority of their focus in the West Side. Highland Park became known as a gang with an agenda, not just out for turf protection and making money. This agenda, combined with a willingness to take street brutality to a new level, caused many smaller street gangs and sets to be subsumed by the Highland Park organization. Highland Park spread like a cancer across parts of Detroit not yet gentrified and protected by the DPF, and they have a presence in virtually every neighborhood.

Highland Park’s colors are red with black trim — red for the blood that was shed during the Battle of Highland Park, and black to represent the color of their heart after they were driven from their city. Highland Park’s tag can be seen all over the city, which is an “HP” painted so that the letters blend together.

Highland Park are at their core a street gang, and dabble in virtually all criminal trades that can bring in some money. Individual sets within Highland Park have various specializations, but Highland Park’s major focus overall is gun-running, drug trafficking, and prostitution.

The gang is surprisingly open to all types of individuals, regardless of whether human, hybrid, android, cyborg, whatever. They even have some open zeeks living among them, who are treated very well due to their unusual abilities. The only prerequisites for joining Highland Park are a fierce distrust of authority and a willingness to get one’s hands dirty.

Highland Park

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