UAW (United Automobile Workers) is an anti-corporate terrorist organization based in and around the Detroit Metroplex.

Formerly a trade union of car and aerospace factory workers, UAW’s Detroit chapter fought vehemently against a growing corporate presense to maintain workers rights, privileges, and secure well-paying jobs. After national borders were redrawn to form the Great Lakes Union, the Detroit UAW found themselves struggling for workers rights in a nation that was limping along economically and becoming increasingly at the mercy of corporate patrons.

After Detroit’s third documented bankruptcy, the GLU permitted corporate investment into the city. This resulted in the Corporate Economic Consortium pooling their capital to rebuild Detroit. In return, the CEC would build factories and industries and employ (or “exploit”) the local workers, putting money in the local economy while dragging Detroit from the grave it was clawing itself into.

These new jobs came with increasingly restrictive, demanding, and onerous employment contracts, at which UAW balked. Upon threats of strikes, the corporations called their bluff, laying off all unionized workers and hiring desperate scabs in their place. Additionally, the CEC used their newfound leverage with the GLU to pass legislation banning trade unions on the grounds that they are anathema to a free market, capitalistic society. UAW became an illegal organization overnight.

Rather than fade away, the move only stoked UAW’s rage. Instead of organizing strikes, UAW now orchestrated terrorist attacks. These started out petty and amateurish, mostly in the way of vandalism and rock-throwing. After several clashes with police and authorities, however, the blood began to flow in earnest, and the violence escalated. UAW now uses methods that include car bombs, assassinations, arson, destruction of corporate property, and kidnappings and extortion. One high-profile event included the nighttime bombing and destruction of a factory, killing hundreds of workers that were living on-site. According to a statement released after the attack, they sympathized with the slain workers, but noted that they were willing to be abused by the corporation for a paycheck, and thus were part of the problem. Had they not been employees of an exploitative organization, they would not have been there to begin with.

UAW believes that the corporations are destroying Detroit and the local economy, as well as exploiting the workers. UAW’s goals are to drive the corporations out of Detroit, and possibly out of the GLU. Through their extortion and kidnapping schemes, they fund spokespersons and legal aid via proxies, with aims to lobby GLU’s federal Legislature and Judicial branches to overturn anti-union laws.

It should be noted that UAW has a notable bias against androids, biodroids, and simulacrum. These manufactured, artificial persons are perceived as taking jobs from “real people.” Indeed, corporations see an increase in productivity and in profit margins when using “custom-built” help that are specialized in their roles. Since these beings are rarely paid, they are usually preferred over other kinds of individuals. UAW is not a friend to “arties,” or “artificial persons;” at best, they can only count on UAW for disdain, but animosity more than likely.


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