The Hollows are a group of cannibals, organleggers, and doomsday cultists hiding out in Detroit’s East Side. Hard facts about the group are difficult to come by as infiltration or compromising the group is notoriously difficult. Most of what follows is thus heavily based on conjecture, extrapolations from present data, and good old street rumors.

The group’s earliest members seem to have been comprised of the homeless, displaced, and mentally ill. As Detroit’s urban blight consumed the city, these unfortunate souls were forced into squatting in dilapidated buildings and former residences, banding together for the strength found in numbers as well as the pooling of resources. What resulted was a quasi-democratic commune in the blight of the East Side.

The CEC’s gentrification push into blighted neighborhoods had the result of causing a diaspora of homeless away from the Central Corridor into areas such as the East Side, swelling the numbers of the homeless collective. As their numbers began to become more concentrated, the resulting resource strain also caused them to become more desperate. The group’s formerly semi-democratic organizational structure began to crumble due to in-fighting and competition. Violence began to escalate, and the commune was in danger of falling apart.

It was during this time that a mysterious woman approached the remaining leaders of the collective during one of their open forum council sessions before the thousand-strong members of the group. She walked before the bickering council, stated aloud that her name was Sahera, and with a wave of her hands slew all of them with a stunning and violent display of psionic abilities. Turning to a stunned crowd, she used her natural charisma to cow them into a state of fearful compliance.

Sahera’s message to them was simple: Detroit was dying, as could plainly be seen. And its final death was to be the first domino in a chain reaction that would signal Eschaton for the entire world. The group would become the tip of a knife that would be stabbed straight into the heart of Detroit, ending the suffering of a corrupted world.

Any at that fateful council meeting who had thoughts of turning away from Sahera’s words were immediately struck down by her orders. As a final consummation of their loyalty to her, she ordered them to begin devouring their bodies, and in doing so, devouring their souls. In pledging themselves to her, after all, they no longer had souls of their own, and therefore were the Hollows.

As the years progressed, the Hollows went from a semi-civilized urban commune to a feral, savage group of cannibals and madmen. Sahera’s leadership has infected them, leading to a total zealous devotion to her and to their new religion. Any of them would kill or die for her slightest whim, and are often called upon to do so.

Some of the Hollows dabble in the organ trade as a means of obtaining capital for various ventures outside of the East Side. Assuming you can meet in a safe, neutral area and maintain the upper hand at all times, they are fairly reliable as a source of parts and used ’ware.

There are apocryphal reports of Hollows cleaning up at Sahera’s behest and infiltrating society in order to further their goals. Some authorities find these accounts dubious at best considering the utter lack of civilization these individuals display.


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